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Saturday, March 2, 2002
Dragging the world-weariness/answer-seeking mode into the weekend, don't stop 'til you get enough:

[describe b1 here]A Peoples History of the United States
[describe b2 here]by Howard Zinn

[describe b1 here]Essays in Persuasion
[describe b2 here]by Maynard Keynes

Thanks to Jason Kottke and Michael Hafner for triggering.

"There may, therefore, be ahead of us a long, silent process of semi-starvation, and of a gradual, steady lowering of the standards of life and comfort. The bankruptcy and decay of Europe, if we allow it to proceed, will affect everyone in the long run, but perhaps not in a way that is striking or immediate." Maynard Keynes in 1919, referring to Central Europe (full text, very long but worth it). 26 years later, Zarah Leander's voice creeped across the debris...

"On Saturday I saw the Vagina Monologues show on HBO which was Vagina Monologues making of the Vagina Monologues. I must say it is a vast improvement from Real Sex Umpteen Million and Five but I still must wonder why each Vagina Monologue was inherently depressing. They were about cheating husbands, rape, rape, more rape, molestation, lesbianism, rape, and shame. " Well, savor her.
3 comments yet by H.S.Haid, Bruno, palindromic.
  Comment by H.S.Haid, 6813 days ago:
My great grandfather, Moses Israel Haid,
was an egoute for Kaiser Wilhelm II...
glad he was popular or I wouldn't be posting this.

What would Gaude say to Mies Van der Roe?
Hmmm. "You would have stayed if Hitler liked your work!!!!
I only needed more time to finish."

La sagrada familia lives, but
THE EMPIRE never ended. Thank you Philip (K. Dick)
Have you seen the light yet??? The equinox fast aqpproaches.

Get in your coaches and ride...
and be careful in whom you confide
for we are all yet to be tried.

All we can do is make ourselves available
and try to stay awake--
but sometimes its hard to wake up

from a nightmare. HSH

  Comment by Bruno, 6812 days ago:
Friends offered more.
Less was weak,
were doomed to go.

Some say it's built on shadows,
some say it's made of them.

You're in the drivers seat,
but still bound to roads.
You can choose,
but have to follow their lead.

On more spin.
I like the ride.
  Comment by [create palindromic], 5881 days ago:
Bruno....was loohing for consciousness and found my owm thoughts floating in cyberspace... how wonderful to see the ripple is still in the water... I am an attorney turned me if you wish...H.S. Haid 9.19.04 ([email protected])
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