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High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) is an enhancement of data services ("Circuit Switched Data - CSD) of all current GSM networks. It allows you to access nonvoice services at 3 times faster, which means subscribers are able to send and receive data from their portable computers at a speed of up to 28.8 kbps; this is currently being upgraded in many networks to rates of and up to 43.2 kbps.

The HSCSD solution enables higher rates by using multiple channels, allowing subscribers to enjoy faster rates for their Internet, e-mail, calendar and file transfer services.

HSCSD allows you to access your company LAN, send and receive e-mails, access the internet whilst on the move. HSCSD is currently available to 90 millions subscribers across 25 countries around the world and with the implementation of International Roaming agreements between all HSCSD Operators life on the move just got easier.

HSCSD is offered to subscribers using either voice terminals that support the feature, or a special PCMCIA portable computer card, with a built in GSM phone that turns notebook computers and other portable devices into a complete high-speed mobile office with the ability to make voice calls hands free, as well as data transfer.

The HSCSD service is particularly valuable for customers who wish to access the Internet, or their office Intranet, access their mail, or access files stored elsewhere. The service allows a subscriber who is out of office, or who travels abroad in one of the countries in which HSCSD roaming is available, to connect to a local ISP, or directly to one's office, using the cellular device rather than a fixed line, benefiting from significant improvements in rates of transfer. The service is expected to be offered soon through HSCSD enabled GSM cellular handsets directly, in addition to the PC compatible device.

Compare: GPRS
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